Sunday 31 January 2010

Day #1 after move into the New Place!

Woke up to all our stuff (we've got tonnes) piled into the living room.

Thanks a bunch to (Alphabetical Order): Alex, Annie, Caitlin, Jeff, Jeff, Juan Carlos, Julie, Karina, Marlene, Ryan, and Stan.

We could not have done it without all of you... SERIOUSLY... Especially with all the crap I had! I'm impressed with the amount that fit into my studio bachelor. There were definitely some jibes about being on TLC's "Hoarders" reality TV show. (I don't want to be, I promise to get rid of as much as possible!)

Yesterday was my last day at the old apartment and it's quite tiny empty! I let the new guy move in early, grabbed the last few things... especially my fridge stuff. (Yes Sweetie, the lemon filled ice cube trays... And my pickled caesar toppings :D)

Everyone was super helpful and did so much, it was immensely appreciated! Will keep you updated on the paring down and painting progress!

Thank you with much love!
Darren & MyLy
MyLy Pham

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Seller is a Jerk!

Painting and sanding is under way. Professional cleaners are coming in tomorrow to clean the kitchen, courtesy of our lovely real estate agent - early housewarming present! Very much appreciated!

News update, seller has decided that because he doesn't have a storage locker at his new place, he's going to keep all his crap (which fills the WHOLE locker, floor to ceiling) in our locker until he saw fit to remove it. Trespasser, unspeakable names, and... BULLY!

Thank you to the management for being ultra helpful!

Will see how the rest of this goes. Spending time removing painting tragedies and decor mishaps like these...
MyLy Pham

Saturday 23 January 2010

Nearly Electrocuted

1st Day in the new place to clean and I nearly electrocuted myself!

MyLy Pham