Monday 16 August 2010

The Recycled Number Conundrum

So I text a friend about an email they had sent me and it turns out the person responding is not who I thought it was. Oh! It's a wrong number I figured or a serious case of the phone-book glitch which prompted me to go on a cloud sync'ing rampage of my phone with the calendars and address book. No longer would I be plagued with miss-sync'ed numbers or addresses or events! So after deleting the old number and spending a good 3 hours, I thought I was set.

I got the friend's number off another friend and tried the text again. Same sort of reply. I was beginning to think this was a joke! After a few text back and forth's, I then tell my number supplying friend that he's got the wrong number too! I begin to suspect a case of the mix-up blues.

I get a text from wrong number dude, saying to call. I call to figure this thing out. Maybe it's another friend of my number supplier. Nope, how very wrong. This person didn't know anyone I knew at all! I tell my number supplier that it's a wrong number and he calls me saying that he had forgotten about the number change. Our friend doesn't have a cell phone anymore and that the number probably got recycled. Oh! That makes sense! A recycled number, so case closed.

A few minutes later I get this:

"Sorry I thought I knew u aswell, oh well if u want to get to know let me know"

Ahahaha! I get a pick up via a mistaken number that had me puzzled for two days! What a recycled number conundrum.


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