Thursday 28 October 2010

Do Something Hard Everyday

Doing something hard everyday only makes you stronger, in body, mind and soul. I practice Yoga and I try to do it every morning. Even when I'm tired, groggy, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, for some reason this ritual coupled with a cup of tea really rejuvenates my sense of well being. If anything, it gives me a good workout, a boost of hydration and sometimes caffeine.

I'll share a completed dream and a future dream with you. This year, I made it to Peru. One of the best trips I've had! Love Ceviche and went with some awesome people (thanks for putting up with me...). My next dream is to visit the land of my heritage, Vietnam. I'd also like to at some point go on a pilgrimage to India, and swing through Thailand for a gusto-fest.

What's your dream?


10 Things to Boost Your Confidence

Share this with a friend, you'll fullfill #3.

1. Dance like you don't care.
2. Learn something new everyday.
3. Chat with some good old friends.
4. Donate, be it your time, material goods, or money.
5. Make yourself an amazing meal, keep trying if you don't get it right the first time which leads into:
6. Practice makes perfect, keep practicing.
7. Look for something "impossible" and think of ways you can do it. Even if it's make-belief, which leads to:
8. Do the "impossible".
9. Fantasize, but bring that feel good energy back to reality with you. Turn it into a goal. Your fantasy may not be far off the reality mark.
10. Love.


Caught at Lucky Moose

I witnessed the saddest sight at the Lucky Moose supermarket. An older lady who'd been caught red-handed with some unpaid goods was being held in what seemed like vice-grips by two ladies who seemed to be the store-keepers. The older lady cried and cried and apologized profusely but the ladies yelled and screamed at the the older lady and the crowd, telling everyone the cost of theft. A policeman showed up and took the lot into a side room as the older lady scared and crying tried repeatedly to get up. It was the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. It made me sad for our society. Food should be free. We should be sharing and growing food side-by-side but everything has a price tag.


Friday 15 October 2010

Spicy Pumpkin Cheesecake

I've been meaning to make a cheesecake and Alvaro's break time surprise of some Pumpkin Cheesecake has spurred me to attempt to make a Spicy Pumpkin Cheesecake. I envision a swirl of spicy 'mayan' hot chocolate swirled into a pumpkin cheesecake base. Perhaps with a topping of chocolate pieces, crusted with a dusting of sea salt. Yummy!

Monday 11 October 2010

Lava Cake and Roasted Garlic & Chives Mashed Potatoes

My saturday consisted of a lot of cooking and baking! I decided to make roasted garlic & chives mashed potatoes and the oh-so-riche chocolate lava cake was delicious! Full of sugar but tasty!

Yesterday had a lot of dessert-making. My sister and I made chocolate soufflés and berry trifle. Nyum nyum! We also got a chance to finally test out my condo pool facilities, it was the most relaxing evar! One word - sauna! Then off to family dinner!

Today... plans for dinner. Not sure yet but I'll figure it out.