Friday 28 January 2011

Just Us Girls and Dim Sum

Lunch was great! I got to hang with some awesome gals and we ate Dim Sum, with my favourite topper of Mango Pudding in Sweetened Milk (coconut milk? Not sure...) For some reason, having lunch seemed like the quiet eye of the storm. For some of us, the day started better than it ended but TGIF!

Tomorrow is another day! Although this day is not finished quite yet. My friend Annie is coming over for a hair cut by yours truly and then we're off to hit the kick-boxing gym. Got the deal off Wag Jag, deals are AWESOME!

The subway home is a bumpy ride, I just had a drink with the coworkers and some. They're great peoples (you know it if you're reading this!), pure awesome. My stomach is growly, I'm ready for some pizza and some cuddling. My soul needs some restoration, this week was definitely trying.

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