Tuesday 25 January 2011

Lady Luck, Setting Goals and Plucking Them

Last week in a rush to head out to my ball hockey game, I'd lost the little treat I'd gifted to myself the day before. It was a small thing but an indulgence nonetheless, a lip pencil from Body Shop. I only noticed it missing when the game was over. Going from pocket over pocket in my purse I didn't find it, from bench to bench, steps to steps, I'd even retraced my steps in from the parking lot to no avail. Hoping that I had left it in my office, I searched but found nothing.

Half a year ago when the iPhone 4G came out, I was jealous. Everyone was getting one. I had wanted one since the 3G but chose my Blackberry instead, no 3G to my dismay and more recently a growing frustration with just operating the damned thing. The plan that I wound up with was also more costly and I set out to change my plan.

I sat on the plan change for a few months, despondent and feeling shafted. Calling my service provider just stirred up frustration and dissatisfaction. After 10 plus years of being with the same service provider, others I knew and my brother included got a better plan that I did.

Today seemed like it was time for a call for action. I felt ready and prepared, only after numerous bouts of coaching and pep talks from my coworker. I was going to do it, I had a spreadsheet and notes on approaches and other available plans before me.

Undertaking a long overdue goal is like climbing a mountain. Heart palpitations ensued and the anxiety with just the anticipation of talking to the service providers became overwhelming. My first call attempt of the day, resulted in me saying little and completely unsure of anything. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Three to four more pep talks later I tried again.

The results I got made me happy. I was able to lay out how I felt and what the situation was and it got me some progress! I feel like the anchor has lifted on my boat and I'm heading downstream towards the rising sun.

According to the some Lunar charts, my growth colours are red, orange, and pink. Those colours sit on my desk for inspiration and direction that I can set my mind to anything and get through. This feels like I'm cleaning house and getting rid of the old, material goods and mental junk. It didn't occur to me that I needed to clear out my mental space but it feels like that's exactly what I did today. Perhaps another dimension to the old adage for cleaning up before the New Year to make space for better luck. You also need to clear your mind.

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