Saturday 22 January 2011

Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year

The trip on the bus from St. Lawrence West subway station was lengthy and our winding trip through the TTC stops at Pearson Airport was oddly eerie. The emptiness was disquieting and I don't think I'd ever like to be there on my own. It conjured ideas of what a zombie attack would look like.

The day was bright, the sun was out but sitting inside the bus was warm and toasty, quite the opposite once we step out into the bitter cold. It was a clear day, let clear days be a warning to cold and frigid temperatures, it only snows when it's warm and it's warmer on snowy days.

The occasion for this trip today was to meet my mum at the International Convention Center. The Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Tet, was being celebrated with a cultural event.

Darren and I wound up getting off at the Hall 1 stop but headed inside to see if we could find our way around in the warmth. No way through, it didn't look connected. We looked for the closest signs of Hall 3 and found ourselves walking through the loading docks area. Upon getting to the an entrance we were told to go to entrance 18, to the left. We arrived but it was performers only and lucky for us the security guard was nice enough to escort us through rather than us having to walk a long ways around to the entrance. Thank goodness kind security guard man!

The shows reminded me of high school performances and after bearing one too many screams from little girls over a YouTube phenom rapper, I had to go. The other side of the building was the more popular Vietnamese singers, I should've spent a few hours there instead. One singer did impress me and he sang like he was rocking it with his sax.

Time to head home and it's blustery snowy outside. Quite the contrast from the morning. It's been a long day and I've vowed not to return next year. As I wait for my bus home, I type with my fingers starting to freeze over.

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