Wednesday 2 March 2011

A Bookmarking Fanatic's Way to Happiness

Bookmarks. Browser bookmarks. They are the daily culmination of research, information finding, fact-finding, memorandums, productivity, forgetfulness, discovery and re-discovery, surprise, antiquated information, entertainment, and down to the bare bones they are my online lifeline.

It's easy to forget that this systematic process is one that I had initially set up to help me broaden my horizons. This practice that I engage in everyday binds me to a methodical thought process and has helped me to expand and grow but I've grown so much and feel that this continued growth has been stunted. This repository 'jar' that I set upon to fill is now over brimming with thoughts and ideas being lost in the overflow. I've outgrown this process and feel that it inhibits me from expanding further into the realm of happiness. The jar was a means of finding my professional career, of finding knowledge and skills that would help me to grow. It's time now that I find what truly makes me happy.

The bookmarks were a means, I know now, to expand professionally. The way the categories were positioned, work was placed in the top spot. Now that I'm satisfied with my professional life, I've now rearranged them to show what I find to be my new pursuits:

1. Finding Happiness
2. Fitness
3. Travel
4. Entertainment
5. Artistic

I have 19 categories in all, and now "Work" is in last place. Not because I care about it less but because I am not fraught with concern about it. Professionally, I'm in a happy place.

One inspiration to reach out and grab life by the horns came from a talk that I saw yesterday. The speaker was Marian Bantjes and by her definition for lack of better words she's a "graphic artist" but came to be one only when she realized she wanted to do what truly made her happy and to reject things that make her unhappy. I used to think that I was weak when I refused to cower to a client's demands and would instead turn away projects for the sake of not wanting to commit myself to something that I didn't feel passionate about. I now realize that you can turn away things that make you unhappy, so that your path to happiness is uncluttered. I knew this 'philosophy' all along, I just didn't know how to frame or justify my reasons.

It's time to find my feet again.


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